Are there Social Welfare Benefits Available for My Disabled Child?

Parenting a disabled child is a challenging task. You have to take out extra time and put in extra effort to ensure the child’s wellbeing. Apart from the emotional stress, this also puts a burden on your finances so social welfare benefits available for a disabled child can be helpful and a child disablity lawyer can help with that. You may need to order specialized equipment and seek regular medical attention for your child. It may become hard to afford many of these expenses on your own.

The good news is that the government offers a number of social welfare benefits for your disabled child. The ultimate purpose of these benefits is to ensure the wellbeing of a child with disabilities. Your child may qualify for these payments if his countable monthly income falls below the set threshold. If these and other requirements are met, your child may qualify for SSI payments.

For the federal government, these payments begin at $771 per month. The actual payment varies from state to state as different states add their own amount to the payment. The payments are made to a designated payee. In most cases, it is a parent of the disabled child.

Basic Benefits for Disabled Children

Food and housing are the two most vital basic needs of a disabled child. When your disabled child receives SSI payments, you are first required to spend the money on these basic necessities. You are held responsible for ensuring that the child receives adequate nutrition and healthy food. If you are living in a rental apartment or mortgaged housing, you can also use the monthly SSI payment for housing.

Medical Benefits

Parents of disabled children often have to meet various medical costs on an ongoing basis. You may have to take your child for a routine check-up, purchase prescription medicine and arrange therapy sessions. All of these can amount up to a hefty amount of bills. For a start, you should see if your child qualifies for South Carolina’s Medicaid program.

The Medicaid program should cover most of the medical costs you incur while taking care of your child. If you have any additional costs or unmet expenses, your SSI payment can be used towards paying for them. You can further use the SSI money to pay for specialized medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

Debt Repayments and Child Disability Lawyer

Your child’s SSI application may take some time to process. At the state level, this can take up to several months. In the meanwhile, you may incur debts due to the medical costs related to the care and wellbeing of your child. Once your SSI claim is approved, you can use the payment to meet the debts. In many cases, you may not need to pay the debts. Here at the J. Robert Surface Attorney at Law, we provide you free consultation and advice on whether your debts are valid or not. We also advise you on how best to use your SSI payments to repay these debts.

Why should I hire a child disability attorney?

When you apply for social welfare benefits for your disabled child, you have to meet various requirements. It can be a daunting task to fulfill these requirements and go through the paperwork. You may also be unclear on what your rights are and how you can maximize SSI benefits for your child. Then there’s the problem of dealing with both federal and state level applications.

The entire process of SSI application for a disabled child is fairly complicated. You have to prove that the child in question does not get income above a designated level. The government also requires you to meet certain other requirements before you qualify for the payment.

This is where a child disability lawyer can help you. Our Greensville, SC attorneys have many years of experience in working with child disability claims. We work with you to understand the needs of your child. We then create a claim that seeks a fair amount of monthly payout from the social welfare benefits. Our lawyers at Greenville Family Law make the process smooth and easy for you by guiding you in the right direction.

This has many benefits. For a start, it speeds up the process. You are able to file the claim in a relatively shorter time. You can also expect to qualify for a larger payout when you have an attorney on your side. This is because an attorney knows which stipends, benefits and payments your child qualifies for. Using this knowledge, the attorney can make sure that your claim is rewarded with the amount your child needs.

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