Newborn Baby Surrendered Under Daniel’s Law in Orangeburg

An infant was surrendered under Daniel’s Law in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The surrender took place on Wednesday, October 20th. The South Carolina Department of Social Services said in a press release that officials with the Orangeburg Regional Medical Center received the child. 

The release described the infant surrendered under Daniel’s Law in Orangeburg as an African American baby boy weighing four pounds and eleven ounces. The Orangeburg DSS then took custody of the child under the Safe Haven for Abandoned Babies Act. The Department of Social Services will schedule a permanency planning hearing at the Orangeburg County Courthouse 1406 Amelia St Ste 3 in Orangeburg, SC 29115. 

The Safe Haven for Abandoned Babies Act, also known as Daniel’s Law, provides a safe option for new mothers who cannot take responsibility for their infant babies. The law took its name from a baby boy who survived after being left in a landfill soon after his birth. Nurses at the hospital named the infant Daniel. 

The law provides that a person can surrender the baby at a designated location instead of abandoning a baby. That way, they give their child a chance at a happy, healthy life with a family who’ll love and protect them. But, unfortunately, many children surrendered under Daniel’s Law end up in the foster care system.

While in the foster care system, they can either get placed in a home or get adopted. Adopting an infant usually requires the consent of the biological parents. They do this with a sworn document in the presence of two witnesses, one of which is the parent or parents’ attorney. However, when a child has been surrendered, the biological parent’s consent may not be necessary. 

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