Family Lawyer Costs in SC: How Much Should You Expect?

A family lawyer in Greenville, SC who practices family law is not only concerned with divorce. Many other issues, such as child and spousal support, custody issues, and adoption are covered under the ambit of family law. Domestic violence is also considered within the realm of family law. Legally, family law is a branch of the law governing domestic matters in Greenville.

Specific laws differ, but these laws generally aim to safeguard an individual’s rights within the framework of the family. For example, divorce law governs how a marriage terminates, including the division of property. It is difficult to give a straight dollar figure for the cost of hiring a family law attorney as many factors affect the price. Here is an overview of how to hire a family law attorney.

According to the state’s 2020 divorce rate, there were at least two divorces for every 1,000 residents. This is down from 1990 when there were at least 4.5 separated couples per 1,000 residents.

What Legal Fees Should I Expect?

Greenville law does not establish the attorney’s fees, however, imposes limits regarding “unreasonable” fees. The issue of lawyer fees for family law has many aspects and you must understand them before hiring an attorney.

A family lawyer in Greenville, SC generally charges an hourly fee based on their experience and expertise. Lawyers with over a decade of experience or more, or that have the specialized experience where they are certified specialists, usually fall under the platinum category.

Certified family law specialists add a special level of quality to what they provide since they dedicate their time and energy to staying up to date with family law and related issues, as certified by the State of South Carolina.

Legal Costs and Staff:

A retainer is an advance for services that you must provide when signing the tariff agreement by qualified family law attorneys. Retainers are deposit fees for services you are paying to the attorney in advance. A lawyer’s commitment to family law requires the assurance that they will be remunerated for their services.

The amounts withheld may seem like payment before a job is finished, but they have a crucial purpose to fulfill. The amount of the judgment depends on how complicated your lawyer believes your case will be. For a $3,500 case, the lawyer will deposit $3,500 to $10,000. This money remains in a trust account until the work is completed and the money has been earned.

Paralegals and law clerks can perform some family law tasks inexpensively, but only if a family lawyer in Greenville, SC remains actively involved. The thorough supervision of an attorney over a paralegal’s work should be incredibly convenient for you. Our legal group makes things as convenient as possible because we recognize that divorce is an expensive path to opt for while still paying for the bread and butter of your family.

Family lawyer in Greenville SC

What Should You Expect to Pay?

It is extremely difficult to estimate the present value of future outflows on day one. However, we suggest avoiding any delays and backlogs that might hinder the legal process.

Legal fees and court costs are not the only expenses related to divorce:

In this case, the cost of divorce will be paid from one or both spouses’ income, or marital or non-marital assets. Mortgages or credit card debts, or the fees paid to professionals like real estate agents and accountants.

There is money at stake in a divorce, regardless of who pays the bills. That is why you need to find ways to keep things civil during the divorce. Do not waste your time fighting over costly and unproductive issues, instead seek out ways to cooperate.


There are some cases where the court may include non-community debts alongside community debts when it divides the net assets and orders payment of all obligations under the divorce agreement. You will have a reduced gross value of your property when you have the debt, and this can affect how the property will be divided.

The debts you or your spouse have for the business or your loans can also be processed. Consumer debt includes mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and all other forms of consumer debt. Personal guarantees for business debt or credit lines, whether you or your spouse own the business, will need to be processed as well.

Mutual Debts:

South Carolina is a community-property state, which means both spouses can be held responsible for every debt incurred during the marriage and after the divorce. This means they can hold both spouses responsible for any debt their spouses did not incur. To avoid this, you must ask that all debts be adjudicated.

Credit cards are usually shared by married couples, and it is not uncommon for one spouse to use this card while the other is in the middle of divorce proceedings or separation proceedings. Creditors, however, do not care who pays the debt and simply want to be repaid.

It is theoretically possible, but it is unlikely a creditor will release the unresponsive spouse from debt, leading to the requirement that the court assigns these debts in the divorce decree.


As couples’ houses are often their most prized possessions, decisions need to be made about who stays in the home and who pays the mortgage when separation occurs. One party may be awarded half of their mortgage payments if they live in the house and pay the mortgage.

If the party who lives in the house does not make mortgage payments, the court may award the other party reimbursement for post-separation mortgage payments. However, in the divorce proceedings, the resident spouse is entitled to compensation.

Contact a Family Lawyer in Greenville, SC:

An initial consultation with a family lawyer in Greenville, SC is free of charge. Your lawyer may participate in court sessions until the case is resolved. That involves a high cost, but you can be assured that the lawyer knows the details of the case and will provide you with an optimum legal solution.

Contact Greenville Family Law today.

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