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Attorney Robert A. Clark is a life-long resident of Greenville and concentrates in compassionate representations in Family Court. Robert Clark has a personal vision: "To help families and children in the community in time of needs through the Court System".


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Home Study Requirements For Adoptions Greenville Adoption Attorney

Understanding the Home Study Requirements For Adoptions

If you’re seeking to adopt a child in Greenville, SC, you will likely need to participate in a home study. The home study can be one of the longest parts of the adoption process. But it’s a necessary first step to make sure applicants are ready to assume the responsibilities of being parents. Here are […]

Visitation Tips For Greenville Parents Greenville Child Custody Attorney

Visitation Tips For Greenville Parents

Parental visitation should be a time of enjoyment between parent and child. In many cases, however, emotions, bitterness, and other problems tied into the domestic case still loom over both parents. A father or mother who once saw their child any time now has rules and schedules to follow. Meanwhile, the party with custody will […]

Who Gets to Keep the Engagement Ring Greenville Family Law Attorney

Who Gets The Engagement Ring If The Wedding Gets Called Off?

A Greenville family law attorney is no stranger to heated property disputes between spouses. But if two people call off a wedding, a different argument often arises: who gets the engagement ring? It’s more than a minor disagreement, considering the thousands of dollars Americans spend on rings. In many cases there’s an added layer of […]

What Can I Do About Custodial Interference In Greenville SC

What Are My Options If The Other Parent Is Interfering With Custody?

When you file for custody in Greenville, SC, you and the other parent will eventually be given terms governing custody. In most cases, this will be enough. But interference with custody orders is a problem for many parents. Refusal to follow the rules hurts the parent-child relationship and makes co-parenting far more hostile. Custodial interference […]

Calculating child support in South Carolina

Calculating Child Support in South Carolina

Child support in Greenville, South Carolina is determined according to the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account both parents’ income as well as the child’s health care and daycare expenses. Also included in the calculation is the number of overnights the child spends with both parents. A court may consider any […]


Our Reviews

Tricia Culbertson
Tricia Culbertson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Robert and christina are awesome

Ryan Szrama
Ryan Szrama

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

You learn a lot about a person when doing work for them. Robert is one of the most upstanding individuals I've worked with and very knowledgeable in his field. I'm happy to recommend him.

shawn taylor
shawn taylor

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Alot of attorneys are all bark and no bite! Mr Clark is the best and he doesn't take no mess!