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Attorney Robert A. Clark is a life-long resident of Greenville and concentrates in compassionate representations in Family Court. Robert Clark has a personal vision: "To help families and children in the community in time of needs through the Court System".


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Trial Tips For Your Family Law Case | Greenville Family Law Attorney


Family law cases can be relatively simple or exceedingly complex. Whether you are facing child custody and support, or equitable distribution and alimony, you need to be prepared for trial. While many cases settle, you can never assume yours will. These are some tips for how best to prepare for, and conduct, your day in […]

Changing Your Name as a Transgender Person | Greenville Family Lawyer

Can Transgender People Legally Change Their Names?

We’ve finally arrived at a point where more people feel comfortable in their own skins. People are a bit more accepting today than they were just ten years ago. This is why more transgender people are making the decision to change their names. When someone announces that they’re transgender, it’s a big deal. Sure, people […]

How Can You Change Your Child's Name in South Carolina?

How Can You Change a Minor’s Name in South Carolina?

Our name helps define who we are. Other than getting married, most of us will never change our name. For some people, however, there are lots of reasons why they would need to do this. Whether you’re an adult or you’re looking to change your child’s name, the process can seem daunting. You may have […]

Attorney's Fees in Family Law Case

Will I Get Attorney’s Fees in My Family Law Case?

Many Greenville, SC residents who are headed for divorce worry about the costs of hiring an attorney. It’s always best to have legal representation, but it’s easy to get discouraged when considering the expense. Fortunately, attorney’s fees are available in many domestic cases in South Carolina. Although not guaranteed, it is possible to have the […]

The Perils of Representing Yourself Without A Lawyer

The Perils of Representing Yourself Without A Lawyer

The family court can be daunting for many reasons: the time, the stress, the emotions, and certainly the money. If it’s in your future, whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, it may be tempting to handle your case yourself. You’re free to represent yourself and, of course, you are likely most familiar with the actual […]


Our Reviews

Ryan Szrama
Ryan Szrama

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

You learn a lot about a person when doing work for them. Robert is one of the most upstanding individuals I've worked with and very knowledgeable in his field. I'm happy to recommend him.

shawn taylor
shawn taylor

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Alot of attorneys are all bark and no bite! Mr Clark is the best and he doesn't take no mess!

Tricia Culbertson
Tricia Culbertson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Robert and christina are awesome