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Attorney Robert A. Clark is a life-long resident of Greenville and concentrates in compassionate representations in Family Court. Robert Clark has a personal vision: "To help families and children in the community in time of needs through the Court System".


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Mother given the custody of her kid in the Best Interests of The Child

What is “Best Interests of The Child” in Greenville, SC?

The best interests of the child standard governs South Carolina custody cases. Judges in Greenville, SC are obligated to consider this above all else when rendering decisions. It’s not always a clear standard to parents who will be litigating custody issues in court. But understanding this guideline will help parents prepare as they work with […]

A man proposing to a female

South Carolina Abolishes Common Law Marriage

On July 24, 2019, the South Carolina Supreme Court abolished common law marriage in the state. The practice allowed unmarried couples to claim they were married if, among other requirements, they lived together long enough. South Carolina now joins the majority of states which have done away with common-law marriages. South Carolina Supreme Court Justice […]

A couple going through a high-conflict divorce

How to Handle a High-conflict Divorce

Going through a divorce is stressful enough, with questions about custody, finances, and more. While many couples are able to amicably work out and settle their differences, others struggle to reach a resolution. Sometimes both parties are determined to fight it out. In many cases, however, it’s one individual who insists on making the process […]

FAQs For South Carolina Adoptions | Greenville SC Adoption Attorney

FAQs For Greenville, SC Adoptions

Adoption is a complicated and time-consuming experience. Greenville, SC couples looking to adopt a child can easily become overwhelmed with the rules and procedures that are involved. Likewise, parents who are looking to put a child up for adoption have their own questions and concerns. These are some frequently asked questions and answers to help […]

Trial Tips For Your Family Law Case | Greenville Family Law Attorney


Family law cases can be relatively simple or exceedingly complex. Whether you are facing child custody and support, or equitable distribution and alimony, you need to be prepared for trial. While many cases settle, you can never assume yours will. These are some tips for how best to prepare for, and conduct, your day in […]