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Attorney Robert A. Clark is a life-long resident of Greenville and concentrates in compassionate representations in Family Court. Robert Clark has a personal vision: "To help families and children in the community in time of needs through the Court System".


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November is National Adoption Awareness Month

November marks National Adoption Month. This is an initiative of the Children’s Bureau that is designed to bring awareness to adoption. There are many children who need a permanent family. These youths and children are currently in the foster care system and are looking for a forever home. If you are looking to adopt a […]

5 Ways You Can Become a Better Parent After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is difficult on you as well as your child. That’s why many people avoid divorce, especially when their children are young. After a divorce, you want to be there for your children. However, you may have a hard time being a parent at times. It is important after a divorce to […]

Co-Parenting Tips for When You and Your Ex-Spouse Don’t Get Along

When you have gone through a divorce, it can be difficult to manage co-parenting your children. A Greenville divorce attorney may have helped you arrange a custody agreement. However, you may not see eye-to-eye with your ex. You can effectively co-parent when you don’t get along with your ex-spouse if you keep these tips in […]

What Are the Expenses I Should Expect in the Adoption Process?

Adopting a child is a momentous occasion. You are adding a member to your family and giving a child a loving home. As parents considering adoption, you may wonder what costs are involved in the process. Family adoption attorneys in Greenville, SC can help you understand everything involved in an adoption. However, the figures presented […]

Grandparents Custody Rights in South Carolina

Getting custody of a grandchild is a complex and challenging process in Greenville, SC. You must follow a set of procedures and policies that govern the right of birth parents as well as grandparents. Having a family custody lawyer in Greenville, SC, on your side in a custody case is beneficial during the process. As […]


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Tricia Culbertson
Tricia Culbertson

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posted 3 months ago

Robert and christina are awesome

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shawn taylor

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posted 1 year ago

Alot of attorneys are all bark and no bite! Mr Clark is the best and he doesn't take no mess!

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James Pelletier

4 out of 5 stars

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