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Attorney Robert A. Clark is a life-long resident of Greenville and concentrates in compassionate representations in Family Court. Robert Clark has a personal vision: "To help families and children in the community in time of needs through the Court System".


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What to Include in a Greenville, SC Parenting Plan

Parents in Greenville, SC custody cases must propose a parenting plan at all temporary hearings. Judges consider these plans in rendering their decisions, so your plan should be comprehensive and in the child’s best interests. A Greenville, SC child custody attorney can help improve your chances of getting the custody plan you want. South Carolina’s […]

S.C. Governor Declares ‘National Adoption Month’ and Statewide Adoption Day for 2019

Governor Henry McMaster submitted a proclamation that officially declares November as “National Adoption Month” this year. According to ABC 4 News, the declaration further designates November 25th as “Statewide Adoption Day” for South Carolina. Similar declarations were made in 2018 for the same month. The purpose of these declarations is to raise awareness of adoption […]

Student Loans and Divorce in Grenville, SC

Student loans are reaching record numbers, as more Americans go into debt for their educations. It’s no longer uncommon for students to rack up tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. Most people assume that student loans incurred in one spouse’s name will remain that person’s responsibility. While this is often […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gets Mixed Reactions from Same-Sex Marriage Quip at LGBT Forum

Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to a question about an LGBTQ forum Thursday in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Warren gets mixed reactions from same-sex marriage quip. According to the Washington Post, a gay rights leader asked her how she would respond to a self-proclaimed “old-fashioned” voter whose faith was based on the Biblical marriage arrangement of one […]