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Second Parent Adoption

Imagine you are at work one day when your cell phone rings. It is your daughter’s school, calling to tell you that she has fallen off the monkey bars and broken her arm. She is

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Alimony in a South Carolina Divorce

Divorce raises a host of issues both emotional and financial.  One question people often have concerns alimony – whether one former spouse will be ordered to pay continued support to the other once their divorce

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What Does a Guardian Ad Litem Do?

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is an individual appointed by the court and tasked with representing a child’s best interests in cases involving contested custody and visitation, adoption, abuse and neglect, name changes, and termination

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Federal Child Support Law Issues

In some situations the federal government has no legal authority to compel a state to implement certain policies and laws.  The federal government can, however, induce practically all state governments to implement policies and laws

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South Carolina Annulment vs. Divorce

The legal difference between a divorce, found at S.C.Code Ann. § 20-3-10, and an annulment, found at  S.C.Code Ann. § 20-1-550, is rather simple to understand. A divorce ends the legal union of marriage and

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