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a contempt of court action can be devastating to your case

How Does Alimony Affect Your Taxes?

Anyone who pays or receives alimony following a divorce in Greenville, SC should know the tax implications. In the past, when a person received alimony, they had to file it in their taxes as extra

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What is an Uncontested Divorce

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Divorce is always a highly emotional process. Even if both parties mutually agree to end their relationship, it is still a difficult time.  The process of divorce can become even more complex if there are

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grandparents' rights in SC

Grandparents’ Rights in SC

Child custody and visitation rights cases are never easy in Greenville, SC. Many include long and painful battles. Besides the parents and their children, the grandparents suffer as well. They love their grandchildren and they

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common law marriage in sc greenville

What Is a Common Law Marriage in SC?

Besides traditional marriage, the law acknowledges common law marriage in SC. It is a legal form of union that eliminated the need for licensing and ceremonies. SC Code § 20-1-30 is one of the law sections

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