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7 South Carolina Divorce Myths Debunked

Filing for divorce is not a decision people take lightly. A divorce is a complicated, time-consuming process where couples must systematically take apart the union they had created through marriage. This includes dividing property they

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Greenville SC divorce law attorney
divorce lawyer

Divorce for Active Military Members

A military divorce is one where at least one of the parties involved is an active member of the military. This type of divorce follows many of the same laws as a non-military divorce in

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Greenville South Carolina divorce law attorney
divorce lawyer in greenville sc

Mediation in Divorce Proceedings in South Carolina

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is different from arbitration (another form of dispute resolution) that people may be familiar with. Arbitration is a binding contract, enforceable in court. In arbitration both

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Child Custody in South Carolina

When considering a divorce from your spouse or a person with whom you are or were intimately involved with and have a child in common there are a number of considerations that you should be

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