Parents Charged with Felony Child Abuse in Chester County

The parents of two infants have been charged with felony child abuse in Chester County for causing extensive harm to both children. The suspects have been identified as Kentovian Markell White, 31, and Jessica Megan Mills, 23.

The duo was arrested on Wednesday, February 10. The infants, who are twins and biological children of the suspects, are aged only three months. One of the infants is a boy and the other is a girl.

According to the details shared by the State Law Enforcement Division, White and Mills have been charged for severe harm and hurt to their infant children. Both children have apparently suffered skull fractures. In addition, police also found broken bones in other parts of their bodies as well as human bite marks and cigarette burns.

During the investigations, police also recovered methamphetamine from White. It is likely that both parents had been abusing the drug which may have contributed to the inhumane behavior towards the children.

The twins are currently being kept at the Levine Children’s Hospital, according to Chester County Sheriff’s Office. One of the twins is reported to be in critical condition. The legal custody of the twins currently remains with the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Police records show that White has a history of criminal offenses. He had an outstanding warrant for possession of a weapon which was also served now that he has been arrested in the present case of felony child abuse in Chester County.

Child abuse is a serious offense as per South Carolina laws. The present case involves several aggravating factors which may contribute to stiffer penalties for the parents. Both White and Mills face two counts of child abuse each. If convicted of both counts, the two may spend up to 40 years behind bars. A court denied bond for the couple during an initial appearance.

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