Child Handed to a Guardian after Dangerous Car Chase

A child was rescued from a vehicle and handed over to a guardian after a dangerous car chase involving the suspect vehicle and the Florence police. The incident occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, November 5. The child handed to a guardian was not identified.

According to the details shared by Florence police officers, a driver who was driving erratically was spotted close to the Booker and Athens streets. Officers received first reports of the erratic driving at around 4:30 p.m.

As the vehicle continued to travel through the Bradford and Roughfork streets, its driver apparently lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle then collided with another vehicle which left one person with injuries.

The suspect vehicle fled the scene of the collision. The injured victim was transported to a local hospital. Attempts were made to stop the suspect vehicle but the driver behind the wheel refused to stop. The vehicle continued to drive towards Oakland Avenue. Subsequent investigations by the police revealed that the vehicle had two adult occupants and a minor in it during the entire chase.

The adult occupants were identified as Kareem Jones-Hines, who was driving the vehicle, and Wingate Karahn, a passenger in the vehicle. The minor was identified as a two-year-old child.

As Jones-Hines drove towards Oakland Avenue, Florence police officers continued to pursue the vehicle. The vehicle finally came to a stop in the 1100 block of Maxwell Street.

According to the officers, a gun was tossed from the suspect vehicle during the pursuit. This gun was recovered. Following the arrest of the two adult occupants of the vehicle, a number of charges were brought against the two. The driver was charged with illegal gun possession, child endangerment, and failure to stop for blue lights. The passenger was charged with unlawful pistol carry.

The child remained safe during the pursuit. Once Jones-Hines and Karahn were apprehended, the child was handed by the authorities to a guardian. The services of a South Carolina child custody lawyer may be required to help settle this case.