Couple in Summerville, South Carolina Has Been Foster Parents to More than 70 Kids

There are thousands of couples in South Carolina who can’t have children. Some try to in-vitro fertilization route. Others decide to use a surrogate. Many others apply for an adoption and are just happy to be the parents to any child. So, we know there are hundreds of couples who are looking to become loving parents. Yet, there are more than 4,500 children in the South Carolina foster care system at any given time. Where is the disconnect?

There’s a program in Summerville called the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program. It focuses on trying to find foster parents for at-risk and trouble children. They have a hard time finding parents for these kids because they do take a lot of work. They’re not always from the best homes so they may be suffering from mental and emotional issues.

Thankfully, there are couples like Lonnie and Norma Kelly. They’ve been serving as foster parents since 1991. That’s almost thirty years. Over these years, they’ve taken in more than 70 children. They’ve watched these kids grow and turn into productive, happy adults.

They say that they’ve enjoyed the years they’ve spent fostering kids and will continue to do so. They encourage people to get involved with SC Youth Advocate Program. This way, other children will be given the chance to succeed in life and get out of the system.

South Carolina is hoping that more people become involved in both the Advocacy program and the foster care system. South Carolina is known to have a shortage of foster care parents. They’re hoping that will start to change soon.

If you and your family are looking to become a foster parent, or are looking to adopt, call our office right away.