Failure to Pay Child Support Could Cost You Your License

The State of South Carolina takes a strong interest in making sure that children receive the support they need. This is especially true when the obligated parent refuses or otherwise fails to pay child support. We’re all familiar with such court enforcement methods as contempt and attorney’s fees. But did you know that failure to pay child support could result in the loss of one or more licenses? If you’re not receiving child support, or you are facing a license suspension over alleged failure to pay, don’t wait. Let a Greenville, SC child support attorney get to work on your case because failure to pay child support could cost you your license.

There are several actions a court can take to compel a parent to make his or her child support payments. Contempt, wage garnishment, and property liens are just a few. Most Greenville, SC parents are unaware that they could lose their licenses over it.

And there are a variety of licenses you might have to forfeit. These include:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Occupational licenses
  • Business licenses
  • Professional licenses (e.g. nursing, notary, and real estate)
  • Recreational licenses (e.g. fishing and hunting licenses)

Losing your license may be more than a mere inconvenience. If you can no longer legally drive, you risk being able to work, travel, go to the store, etc. Suspension of your business license could result in you losing your job or ability to practice law, medicine, etc. These risks should not be taken lightly. If you’re a Greenville, SC parent not paying your child support, contact an experienced attorney right away.

In South Carolina, the license suspension process will be activated when the delinquent parent:

  • Has an arrearage (back child support) totaling $500 or more; and
  • Has made no payments within the last 60 days

The delinquent parent will receive a 45 day warning before any license is suspended. If no payment agreement has been finalized with the local child support agency in that time, the license is revoked. A Greenville, SC child support attorney can help you avoid this by working with the courts and local support agencies.

Not every parent can afford to pay back all of the child support at once. After all, circumstances happen whereby a parent simply falls behind and can’t easily catch up. The courts understand this, and they do allow what is called a route-restricted driver’s license. This sort of license will allow the obligated parent to travel to and from work while payments are caught up. These licenses are very restrictive in nature and the obligated parent is not guaranteed he or she will get one. Ask a Greenville, SC child support attorney about this and other legal options.

The parent who is required to pay child support is afforded due process rights before losing a license. As mentioned above, one of these is the 45 day warning. The parent may also be able to request a court hearing to object to the allegations of delinquent support payments. Losing a license can cause a world of pain for the parent who should be paying. Understanding your rights is therefore critical to ensuring you don’t cause more problems for yourself. If you’re the parent who should be receiving child support, you also want to know how these procedures work.

Let a Greenville, SC Child Support Attorney Help

No matter which side you find yourself on, it’s important to learn how South Carolina courts can enforce child support. License suspension is just one method, but a very powerful one. If you’ve been accused of delinquent child support, you need legal representation. And if you’re the parent who isn’t getting the support, you deserve to know about this enforcement tool. Let Greenville Family Law help you today. Give us a call and we will set up a consultation with you.

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