What is the Grandparent Adoption Process in Greenville, SC?

Understanding the grandparent adoption process in Greenville, South Carolina is complex and confusing. Some laws apply to traditional adoptions that do not apply to grandparent adoptions. A grandparent adoption is not unusual as many grandparents are the primary caregiver for their grandchildren today.

While you may be a grandparent that is taking care of a grandchild, without seeking adoption, you do not have the same rights that a parent would have with a child. This can be imperative in caring for your grandchild and a grandparent adoption in Greenville is necessary to ensure you have the legal rights to make decisions on their behalf and care for them as a parent.

Should I Adopt My Grandchildren in Greenville, South Carolina?

There are a variety of reasons that grandparents need to step in and begin the adoption process in Greenville, South Carolina. The parents of the grandchild may not be financially, physically, mentally or emotionally able to care for the child and a Greenville grandparent adoption offers them the ability to keep the child with blood relatives.

How Are Parental Rights Terminated in a Grandparent Adoption in Greenville, SC?

One of the main steps in a grandparent adoption in Greenville is the termination of parental rights. You may be in a situation where the parents willingly terminate their rights, making it easier for you to go through the adoption process in Greenville, SC.

Other times, the parental rights need termination by the court. This can be a challenging option because the parents may dispute the motion to remove their parental rights. Your adoption lawyer will help to establish cause through neglect or financial instability. This can be a difficult time for you as a grandparent and your family, but the needs of your grandchild need consideration as their care is of the utmost importance.

Following the termination of parental rights, your grandparent adoption in Greenville, South Carolina, will be moved for a finalization hearing in the court. Because this is a grandparent adoption and not a traditional adoption, you will in most cases not have to wait 90 days for the finalization hearing to occur in your case. The hearing typically takes place within a few weeks from the start of the adoption process, allowing you to become the adoptive parent of your grandchild in a relatively short amount of time.

Will I Need a Home Study for a Grandparent Adoption in Greenville, SC?

Grandparent Adoption Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina
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Since you are doing a grandparent adoption in Greenville, SC, the home study portion of a traditional adoption is not necessary in your case. There is no need to have an inspection of your home or interaction observation with your grandchildren because you are a blood relative that has a relationship with the grandchild in your adoption case.

You will also not have to file a financial accounting of your adoption with the court and you may be eligible for funding through the state to assist with raising your grandchild if you qualify under the law. The adoption process for grandparents in Greenville, South Carolina, is often less costly than traditional adoptions, and it occurs rather quickly.

Working with an adoption attorney provides you with the opportunity to go through a grandparent adoption in Greenville, South Carolina, with ease. All of the legal paperwork and court proceedings will be handled by your lawyer, making it easier than ever to adopt your grandchild.

Do I Need an Attorney to Start the Adoption Process in Greenville?

Going through the adoption process for grandparents in Greenville requires the assistance of an adoption lawyer. Your attorney will facilitate the legal petition for adoption of your grandchild. Meeting with an adoption attorney allows you to understand what your legal rights are as a grandparent and helps to determine the nature and sensitivity of your case.

To start the process of legally adopting your grandchild, your attorney will file an adoption petition with the court. There is also additional legal paperwork to complete and your lawyer will ensure that you are legally in compliance with the law regarding the necessary documents and filing information.

Consult with an Attorney About the South Carolina Grandparent Adoption Process

When you are looking to undergo the adoption process in Greenville, South Carolina, you need the help of an attorney. The lawyers at Greenville Family Law are ready to assist you with your Greenville grandparent adoption from start to finish. They can advise you on your legal rights under the law and help fight for your rights as a grandparent. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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