Greenville County Board of Education Helping Families this School Year

If you and your spouse have children, or you’re a single parent living in Greenville County, this could be great news. The Greenville County Board of Education announced this week that they will be providing all children with free meals. The meals will continue until the end of the year. Or, until funding runs out.

The county used to provide free meals to children who qualified. These children also had to live and go to school in the district. Under the new rules, as long as a child lives within the county limits, they can request the free meals. The Board of Education is not requiring that families show any sort of financial distress to qualify for the meals.

The schools will be offering meals to all students. It doesn’t matter if the child is attending school in-person or is engaged in e-learning. The program is also extended to people attending virtual education programs.

As long as the parent can show their identification, they can pick up meals for their kids. They do have to prove that the child is 18 years old or younger to get meals. They can show a birth certificate or any other sort of proof, including baptism records.

Right now, the only meals being provided are breakfast and lunch. Due to funding and other issue, the district will no longer be providing students with after-school snacks.

For any parents who are struggling during the pandemic, this is great news. The meals are slotted to continue until December 31, 2020, as long as funding doesn’t run out.

If you and your family are struggling, you can request lunches through the Board of Education. If you’re the legal guardian of a student in Greenville and need help with this program, contact our office right away.