Governor McMaster Declares September Kinship Care Month in South Carolina

The government of South Carolina has declared this month as Kinship Care Month. In a press release on Wednesday, September 1st, the Department of Social Services (DSS) stated that the declaration came from Governor Henry McMaster. The DSS would celebrate grandparents, uncles, aunts, relatives, and family friends who take in children that would otherwise go into foster care during the month.

Kinship Care Month in South Carolina refers to a temporary or permanent arrangement where a family member or non-related adult (fictive kin) assumes full-time care of a child whose parents cannot do so. Six percent of children in the state live with a relative without the presence of their parents.

According to DSS Director Michael Leach, kinship caregivers provide safe and loving homes for children when circumstances make it impossible for them to remain with their parents or guardian. The director added that these grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other family members provide stability for a child or young person they love. Director Leach said the DSS recognizes their effort, and the agency is proud to recognize and support them in any way possible.

Kinship Care Month also helps to increase awareness and understanding of the positive environment that kinship families give children. The press release also encouraged Palmetto State residents to celebrate Grandparents Day on September 12th by wearing the color gold.

The Kinship Care program is an excellent way for grandparents who want to remain in their grandchildren’s lives to do so. Unfortunately, most South Carolina grandparents are often scared of being cut off from the lives of their grandchildren. Thankfully, aside from this program, South Carolina law allows grandparents to have custody of their grandchildren in certain cases.

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