Man Charged With 14 Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor for Videotaping Underage Girls

A South Carolina man is facing charges of sexual exploitation of a minor for videotaping underage girls at a rental home’s bathroom in Hilton Head Island. The news of the charges against the man was released on Tuesday, November 30th. The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force sting operation in Greenville County led to the arrest of Seth Bruce, 45. 

Bruce faces 14 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor in the second degree for distributing multiple files of sexual abuse material. He also faces one count of voyeurism. 

During the investigation, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office investigators received a tip that some of the minors in the pictures were connected to Hilton Head Island. 

Beaufort County Maj. Bob Bromage said the suspect has been filming juveniles in a rental home where he has been staying. Bromage added that the four victims were at the rental house for one week. The Major noted that the distribution of the pictures and videos is an underground criminal activity, adding it is a significant concern for both adults and children. 

Bromage further said that while this case may seem like an isolated incident, families should be wary and inspect the homes or apartments they stay in to ensure there is no hidden camera. With the arrest, Bruce faces a total of 25 charges in two different counties. He remains in jail in Greenville County. 

Child abuse is a problem that happens even in homes and among relatives and sometimes parents. Parents and guardians have a role in protecting their children or ward from abusers. In addition, child abuse in a home affects the custody in a divorce or separation. 

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