Married Couples Lose Custody of their 7 Minor Children in Berkeley Commons

There are people out there desperately trying to have children. Or, they have accepted that they can’t have kids and are trying to adopt a child. This is why it’s so heartbreaking to learn that parents who do have children don’t take care of them. This was the case for a married couple in Berkeley Commons near Goose Creek.

When a home inspector was working next door to 122 Patriot Lane, he heard kids screaming. He called the authorities and a case worker entered the home of a married couple. The woman, 26-year old Diana Salbon and the man, 22-year old Erick Perez-Viera were inside the home with an infant. When they inspected the house, they found 7 children locked in bedrooms upstairs. They could hear their screams from the hall.

The rooms were all equipped with deadbolts and no door handles. There were also security and surveillance cameras outfitted on all the windows. The kids complained of being hungry. When they entered the home, they said the smell was terrible.

The 7 young children, all under the age of 10, were being kept in a small room covered in feces. There were also a bunch of small animals living in cages in their bedroom. The woman and man were immediately placed under arrest and all 7 children, including the infant, were taken into custody.

The couple has been charged with felony unlawful conduct toward a child. They have also lost custody of all the children at this point. There has been no comment from either parent at this time. 

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