How To Prepare For Your Child Custody Case in Greenville, SC

The question of which parent will end up with primary custody of a child can be heart-wrenching. Whichever side of a custody battle you are on, you are likely apprehensive about the child custody case. But there are ways that you, the parent, can prepare. Working with a knowledgeable attorney, you can take these and other steps to help ensure you make the best possible child custody case. Greenville Family Law is ready to serve you whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. Here’s how to prepare for your child custody case.

Step 1: Start early

As soon as it becomes clear that the other parent will fight you for custody, it’s time to get ready. Some parents make the mistake of delaying. They delay preparing for their case and gathering evidence. They delay making notes about critical interactions with the child or the other parent that may help their case. They delay retaining a Greenville, SC child custody lawyer. No matter how far off the trial is, time is not on your side. Start getting ready now.

Step 2: Write down the names of key witnesses

You, as the parent, can testify in your own child custody case. But the testimony of witnesses can be exceedingly more persuasive. These may include individuals who are partial to you, such as your parents. However, neutral witnesses with no stake in the outcome of the case can be especially helpful. If someone has witnessed something that can help your child custody case, write down his or her name and contact information. Include details of what the person witnessed as well.

Step 3: Gather crucial documents

There may be a number of different documents that could either help your case or damage the other parent’s case. These can include anything from text messages to medical records showing that you diligently took your child to the doctor. Remember, the court wants to determine which parent will best protect the child’s best interests. A key element of that determination is which parent is most fit. Gather your evidence concerning parental fitness now.

Step 4: Know what you want (and what you don’t want)

Judges don’t only want to know why you believe you are more fit to have primary custody. They want to know specifically what you want the court to order. Working with an attorney, you will develop a proposed parenting plan to present to the judge. Some plans are fairly detailed, but generally, all plans will address at least the following:

  • The specific details of both physical and legal custody, as well as visitation
  • Where the child will spend holidays, birthdays, vacations, and other special events
  • How to address medical or other special needs your child may have
  • Proposed methods for resolving conflict with the other parent
  • How transportation and exchange of the child will be handled
  • Methods for communicating with the other parent
  • Methods for communicating with the child when he or she is with the other parent

It’s a good idea to start developing these and other details now. You should also know what you don’t want. You probably already know what the other parent is asking for. You may have specific objections that you want the judge to know about. For example, the other parent may want a custody schedule that doesn’t fit with your work schedule. Making notes about what will and will not work, and why, is information that the judge will find useful.

It’s Time To Speak With A Greenville, SC Attorney About Your Child Custody Case

Perhaps the most important step you can take is to retain a skilled Greenville, SC child custody lawyer. Your attorney will walk you through the custody process and develop a trial strategy. If possible, you may be able to settle the matter via mediation or other out-of-court negotiations. Our goal is to advocate for you from start to finish, and we’re prepared to get started on your child custody case today. Give Greenville Family Law a call now.

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