Private Infant Adoptions

Adoptions are beneficial for all parties involved. There are several ways to adopt a child. One of the most popular ways is through a private infant adoption. A private adoption has both advantages and disadvantages as compared with going through an adoption agency. Both for adoptive parents, as well as those giving up a child for adoption, the help of a qualified attorney is instrumental in ensuring the process is completed properly.

Adoption Process

Private adoptions differ from other adoptions in that the adoption is completed directly between the parties, rather than through an agency. Adoptions through agencies or through the Department of Social Services, typically begin by submitting an application. The adoptive parents will be thoroughly reviewed and their backgrounds checked to make sure they will be good parents. Then, they will be put on a waiting list. Adoption agencies may provide children both locally, as well as from other countries, depending on your particular requirements. Agencies may have children of varying ages available.

Financial Concerns

Adoption through an agency is often much less expensive than completing a private adoption. Agencies may have a set fee or payment plan that is usually less costly than going through a private adoption. In a private adoption, the adopting parents often provide payments to the mother to cover medical costs and other expenses during pregnancy. They may also cover the costs of delivery, as well as other incidental costs that are necessary. Remember that a private adoption allows you to make a contract directly with the baby’s parents. Additionally, it is necessary to hire an attorney to assist with the documents necessary for the private adoption.

Timely Adoptions

The adoption process can be a lengthy one, especially for those who are going through agencies. An agency adoption may take a long time, partially because the adoptive parents must go through a vigorous vetting procedure. The same is not necessarily true of private adoptions, because an agreement is reached directly between the biological and adoptive parents. Also, there is often a long waiting list when working through adoption agencies, which can greatly increase the time it may take to get a child.

Adoption Concerns

Adoptive parents have many questions and concerns about the process. When making a private adoption you must be sure that the adoption is completed legally. The laws regarding adoptions can be complex and therefore, any agreement is best reviewed by a qualified attorney before you enter into it. It is important to protect everyone’s rights in an adoption, including those of the child, the adoptive parents, and the biological parents. Many different issues may come up during an adoption and these must be answered through a lawyer with adoption experience.

A private adoption provides both sets of parents with more flexibility regarding the many decisions that must be made. Further, both biological parents are required to agree to the adoption before it can take place. These matters will be handled through your attorney, ensuring a smooth, and stress free adoption transaction that will allow you to add the new child into your family.

Those who are considering private adoption can get answers to their important questions and learn how to proceed with help from the skilled Greenville family law attorneys at Greenville Family Law. Contact Greenville Family Law today to schedule a consultation.

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