Study Finds SC Among Worst States to Raise a Family

A recently conducted study has ranked SC among worst states to raise a family. The study was conducted by Wallet Hub, a personal finance site.

In conducting the study, WalletHub used five key areas and ranked the 50 states based on their score in these areas. The five areas include Family Fun, Health & Safety, Education & Child Care, Affordability, and Socio-Economics.

South Carolina ranked 41 in ‘Family Fun.’ This particular area judges states for the number of family attractions, the number of fitness and recreational sports centers, parks or playgrounds available to children up to the age of 17, and the number of families with children.

For Health & Safety, the study ranked the states based on the number of children’s hospitals, public hospitals, life expectancy at birth, infant mortality rate, air pollution, water quality, crime rates per capita, climate disasters and a number of other metrics. South Carolina was ranked in the 38th position in this area.

The state was also ranked on the 38th position in Education and Child Care. Metrics used for this category focused on the quality of public schools and child-care services, opportunities for volunteer work or community service available to children, parental leave policies, public high school graduation rate, number of childcare workers and more.

The area ‘Affordability’ focused on things like housing affordability, mortgage and credit statistics for the state, retirement access and participation, annual family income, trends of saving money for children’s college education, and so on. South Carolina received the 44th position in this category.

The state performed best in the ‘Socio-Economics’ area where it received the 27th position. This area focused on underemployment and unemployment rates, job security, wealth gap, job satisfaction, and average marriage duration among other things. Overall, the state was ranked 43rd, placing SC among worst states to raise a family.

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