SC Foster Homes Banned From Taking Unaccompanied Children

The South Carolina governor has banned the acceptance of unaccompanied children from the southern border at the foster care and group homes in South Carolina. The SC foster homes ban came about as a part of an executive order issued on Monday, April 12.

The ban has been imposed after the federal government sought space in the state’s foster homes. The space was required for the placement of the unaccompanied children from the Mexican border. Federal officials first contacted the SC social services agency’s director. The director, in turn, reached out to Governor Henry McMaster for advice on the matter.

In its message to the director, the federal officials had also specified that the federal government would pay three times the rate that foster homes are paid by the state for daily care. The initiative by the federal government comes at a time when there is an unprecedented increase in the number of unaccompanied children along the Mexican border. In March alone, nearly 19,000 such children were picked by federal authorities.

With such a huge number of unaccompanied children, the border holding facilities have filled up quickly. With no other place to house the immigrant children, federal authorities have now turned to border states.

By offering SC foster homes better daily rates, the federal government wanted to incentivize the adoption of the children. On their own, the foster homes may have been induced to accept the migrant children over the state’s placements. However, with the executive order from Governor McMaster, the state’s foster care institutes will have no choice but to comply.

Governor McMaster continues to blame President Joe Biden for the crisis. The governor also took to social media to defend his decision, arguing that he believed South Carolina’s children must come first.

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