S.C. Governor Declares ‘National Adoption Month’ and Statewide Adoption Day for 2019

Governor Henry McMaster submitted a proclamation that officially declares November as “National Adoption Month” this year.

According to ABC 4 News, the declaration further designates November 25th as “Statewide Adoption Day” for South Carolina. Similar declarations were made in 2018 for the same month.

The purpose of these declarations is to raise awareness of adoption opportunities and encourage more families to welcome foster children into their homes.

McMaster referenced the 140 people currently in foster care throughout the state waiting for permanent placements. He expressed the belief that “a loving home” can create a big difference in the future of a foster child. McMaster credited the state for the “caring and compassionate” people who want the best for others as he asked South Carolina families to consider whether adopting a child is a practical option.

ABC 4 News reports that S.C. Chief Justice Donald Beatty will postpone full-day hearings on November 25th (Statewide Adoption Day) to use four judicial circuits to finalize adoption proceedings.

The same provision was made for last year’s Statewide Adoption Day on November 19, 2018. According to the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS), over 600 children were available to adopt within the foster care system. The report confirmed the scheduling of 65 children to be adopted within 45 families.

Individuals and couples alike can become licensed as foster parents within South Carolina. According to the DSS website, interested and qualified people can even become foster parents to relatives in certain situations and access the same services offered to non-related foster parents.

There are currently three different foster parent association town hall meetings scheduled in three different counties before Statewide Adoption Day: Pickens County (November 12th), Chester County (November 14th) and Marlboro County (November 19th). To start the application process, interested candidates can complete an online form at the state’s DSS website.

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