Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gets Mixed Reactions from Same-Sex Marriage Quip at LGBTQ+ Forum

Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to a question about an LGBTQ+Q forum Thursday in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Warren gets mixed reactions from same-sex marriage quip.

According to the Washington Post, a gay rights leader asked her how she would respond to a self-proclaimed “old-fashioned” voter whose faith was based on the Biblical marriage arrangement of one man and one woman.

With a serious tone, the Massachusetts senator stated first that she assumed the voter in the hypothetical scenario was a guy. She followed up that comical set-up by saying she would tell the voter to “just marry one woman…assuming you can find one.” 

Warren may have assumed that the initial reaction of hysterical laughter would be the only reaction that her quip on same-sex marriage would receive. However, the report states that her comments went viral within 24 hours – especially on social media. For instance, actress Minnie Driver referred to the comment as the greatest response to that type of question inside and outside of politics.

One Democratic strategist, Mary Anne Marsh, claimed that Warren’s response “was genius” and authentic. Marsh further explained that everyone got Warren’s “off-the-cuff” response.

On the other hand, people like Ari Fleischer felt differently about Warren’s quip. The former spokesperson of the Bush administration referred to it as “insulting.” Fleischer further explained that the notion of there only being one acceptable line of thing was both “insulting and demeaning” and that you should not call others to a “higher purpose” if you will decide to just sink to a lower level later yourself. Sen. Warren’s staff members do not believe that her same-sex marriage quip will have an adverse reaction on her standing or performance in the polls. Ed Rendell, a former governor of Pennsylvania seems to agree with the staff – claiming that the “funny” statement will not slow her or her candidacy down at all.

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