Foster Children Among Others to Benefit From $19.9M South Carolina Educational Programming

Governor Henry McMaster has allocated $19.9 million for South Carolina educational programming of foster children, four-year-olds, and out-of-work adults. The announcement came directly from the governor at a news conference in Columbia on Tuesday, January 5.

Speaking at the news conference, Gov. McMaster confirmed that the funds will be specifically dedicated for education and career support. For foster children, the funds will specifically focus on educational programming. 

For four-year-olds, a portion of the funds will be dedicated to expanded day programs and summer school. To this end, $7 million will be provided to the Office of First Steps and School Readiness and the Department of Education. The funds will be used to ensure that expanded hours are offered in the full-day 4K programs. Expanded summer programs will also be offered as a part of this.

For the out-of-work adults, funds will be directed towards South Carolina’s Technical College System so that these adults could receive career and technical education. The Technical College System will receive $8 million which will be utilized towards providing career retraining programs to nearly 3,000 students. These programs will be offered in technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics.

The allocated funds come out of the GEER funds that the state of South Carolina has received as a part of the COVID-19 relief package. The total funds are to the tune of $48.4 million. In addition, South Carolina may further receive another $21 million as per the Consolidated Appropriation Act that the Congress passed in December last year.

Educational support will be extended to foster children and youths through the South Carolina Department of Social Services. The department will receive a total of $4.9 million to ensure the provision of better internet services, electronic devices and tutoring to nearly 600 individuals. In addition, these funds will be further utilized to provide special education services to disabled children.

For more information about South Carolina educational programming and how it benefits foster children in the state, contact a Greenville adoption attorney.