Child Successfully Surrendered under Daniel’s Law at South Carolina Hospital

A South Carolina hospital recorded a successful surrender of an infant girl. The South Carolina Department of Social Services said the submission happened on Saturday, June 5th. The baby girl who entered the world that same day weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce.

The DSS said the girl was surrendered to medical personnel at AnMed Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The state department then took the baby girl into their custody under Daniel’s Law. The law is also known as the Safe Haven for Abandoned Babies Act.

The department said the girl is the fourth child surrendered under the law this year at a South Carolina hospital. A court hearing will be held on Tuesday, July 15th, to determine what will happen next to the baby. During the hearing, a parent of the child can come forward and claim the baby.

The South Carolina DSS introduced Daniel’s Law after finding a baby who survived after being buried in a landfill. Nurses named the infant Daniel, and legislators enacted the law to prevent dangerous or fatal abandonments. Under the law, rather than abandoning babies up to sixty days old in hazardous circumstances, a person can surrender the unharmed newborn at a designated location.

This way, the abandoning parent gives the child a chance at a healthy life. Also, the law protects the parent. The person will not face prosecution as long as they took the child to a designated Safe Haven.

The places listed are hospitals or out-patient facilities, law enforcement agencies, fire stations, and emergency medical services (EMS) stations. A house of worship with staff also qualifies. The DSS will have legal custody of the child and place them in the foster care system.

To learn more about the Daniel’s Law and SC foster care system, contact our Greenville family law attorneys.


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