South Carolina Senate Candidate Accused of Domestic Violence

If someone’s running for public office, the last thing they want to happen is reports of domestic abuse on their record. Nor do you want the public to know that you were violent toward the judge during your divorce hearings. For John Gallman of the 33rd District, this is exactly what he’s facing.

Back in July of 2014, John Gallman was accused of abusing his now ex-wife in their Hodges, South Carolina home. While Gallman was the one who called 911 about the incident, public records show that it may have been the husband who was at fault. According to police records, Gallman’s wife had told the police her husband had pushed her into a wall and pulled her hair out during an argument. She didn’t press charges because she says he threatened her that she’d get nothing in the divorce if she called the cops. She called anyway, fearing that he’d hurt her even worse.

A year later, in June of 2015, the couple had the police at their home again for allegations of domestic violence. This time, Gallman is suspected to have broken his wife’s finger during an altercation. He denies the reports, but there are medical records to prove it. 

The couple finally divorced in the summer of 2017. The judge who handled their divorce case confirmed that he had to chide Gallman several times in open court for his behavior. He is said to have intimidated witnesses who testified against him in his divorce case.

While no charges were ever officially filed against candidate John Gallman, this recent news story will certainly hurt his chances of getting elected. There were no further allegations of abuse after the couple’s divorce was finalized.

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