South Carolina’s State-Wide Child Support System Finally Up and Running

It took about twenty years, but South Carolina’s state-wide child support system is finally online. Back in 1997, the federal government ordered that all 50 states would create a statewide collection and enforcement system for child support. So, if someone was behind in their child support, the county courts could check to see if they had paid or not. This system was also meant to be used for states to communicate with each other to see if people had overdue child support payments.

South Carolina was the only state that had not complied with this federal law. As a result, they had been ordered to pay over $170 million in fines over the last several years. One would think this would’ve been incentive enough to get the system up and running. However, it took until this past October to finally get this program online.

The hope is that, now, with more than 250,000 cases updated in the system, the State will be able to enforce child support arrears. It will probably take more than a year or two to catch up on the enforcement for all people overdue on support payments. For now, the local government near Columbia, South Carolina is just getting their feet wet using the new system.

For parents who are waiting to receive child support in South Carolina, this new system could be the answer to their prayers. The other great thing about this system is that it can communicate with other states. So if someone who owes child support in South Carolina moves to Texas, the government will still be able to track them down. 

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