Thomas Ravenel Wins Child Custody Case

In the long and contentious custody battle between former couple Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, the former has now won the child custody case and gained primary custody of the kids. The decision was pronounced by the court earlier this month and was confirmed by Ravenel’s attorney on Tuesday, March 9.

The couple had been fighting over the custody of their two children, Kensie aged 6 and Saint aged 4. Back in 2016, Dennis lost the custody battle for the time being when she tested positive for marijuana. She later entered rehab whereas Ravenel was awarded full custody by the court.

However, the arrangement proved temporary. In 2018, Ravenel was arrested over assault and battery charges. He also had a dent to his reputation earlier that year when a woman accused him of rape. Based on these issues with his conduct, Dennis requested a court to grant her primary custody of their children.

In 2019, both Ravenel and Dennis agreed to joint custody of the children. However, this agreement also granted Ravenel with primary custody whereas Dennis was granted physical custody of the kids 36% of the time. The agreement further stated that the arrangement would evolve in 2020 to a 50/50 custody between both parties.

However, the arrangement was changed a few days ago for reasons that remain unknown. For these reasons, a court decided that Ravenel should have primary custody of the kids, with Dennis entitled only to daytime visitation on the weekends. Even such visitation will be supervised.

The precise reasons for this change remain unknown. The court documents related to the child custody case have been sealed and both sides are legally prohibited from disclosing the details. It remains to be seen if any further changes are likely to occur with this arrangement or if this will be the final verdict in this custody case.

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