What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

Family is undoubtedly the most blissful gift God has bestowed upon us. But sometimes, things simply do not work out, and consequently, we need to part ways, in which case a family lawyer is crucial. Research led by the National Center for Health Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau has revealed that out of every 1,000 married couples, nearly 10 of them ended up divorcing each other in the year 2015 alone.

If you are struggling with any sort of family dispute, then you should contact a legal representative for better guidance, indulgence, and hassle-free legal proceedings. This is where family lawyers come into action. Family lawyers help people solve their complex issues with the aim to bring a positive change in the life of their client and their family.

With the help of a Greenville family lawyer, you can have the most trouble-free legal trials and procedures.

Responsibilities of a Greenville Family Lawyer Defined:

Despite the hardships, many times, it is hard to decide whether you really need a family lawyer for assistance or not. To help you choose wisely, here are some benefits of employing a reliable family lawyer for your concerns:

Handling Paperwork:

During a legal prosecution, one of the most challenging things is handling all the legally-vital documents and reports. Filling them out or keeping a record of them is not as easy as it sounds, making it essential for you to hire someone professional for this business. Here is where family lawyers can come to your aid and assist you in going through all necessary paperwork, effortlessly.


When you are dealing with family quarrels, it sometimes gets on your nerves and could become highly soring, emotional, and stressful; making employing a family lawyer, another great advantage.

Unquestionably, family lawyers help you make the entire process carried out professionally, which ultimately becomes less painful and emotional. Family lawyers help you divert your mind easily, which may be impossible any other way, focusing on the most critical points during the trials.

Better Insight of the Settlement Terms:

No matter which Greenville family lawyer you hire, all of them would help you obtain an insight into the whole case and the settlement terms. For example, getting a divorce has a lot of steps involved in it, which your family lawyer makes easier for you to map and understand.

Cases Effectively Dealt With by Family Lawyers:

From divorce to child custody cases and more, a Greenville family lawyer would be here to help you make your legal voyage a smooth-going process. Some cases in which our family lawyer is proficient in dealing are as follows:

  • Divorce and Separation Disputes
  • Helping in Prenuptial Agreements
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Conflicts of Property and Asset Protection
  • Child Support & Alimony

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Divorce and Separation Disputes:

There is no question stating that divorce is the most unwanted experience that a family would ever want to go through. Many painful emotions dive in, which may even take years to heal. However, to make it a little less aching, a reliable family attorney can help you deal with the entire process. Acting as a mediator and a reasonable family attorney can also help families approach the conclusion legally and rationally.

In other cases, a family lawyer also helps people dealing with divorce or separation disputes without even going to court. A competent family lawyer assists individuals as per their pre-requisites.

Helping in Prenuptial Agreements:

A prenuptial agreement is a pact signed by the married couple before marriage. Even though the agreement varies from case to case, the primary purpose of this agreement is to speak loudly about each other as well as settle the property disbursements at the time of divorce or legal separation. A compatible Greenville family lawyer helps in both aspects of the prenuptial agreements for you to have a carefree experience.

Child Custody Cases:

Child custody issues are the second most troubling family dispute after the dissolution of marriage. A couple on the expedition of child custody case has to decide on new settlements related to the child’s custody which both the parties must abide with. A capable family lawyer in their service helps parents draft this agreement efficiently.

Conflicts of Property and Asset Protection:

Family lawyers can also provide asset protection amenities to couples seeking divorce or separation. The conflict mainly appears when one of the parties tries to be unfair in terms of asset distribution upon the dissolution. Hence, family attorneys help the vulnerable party have their legal share in the property and other assets through a proper reconciliation rather than any wrong means.

Child Support & Alimony:

Alimony and child support are also areas in which very few soon-to-be-divorced people agree. The party who feels they are entitled to alimony/child support usually wants much more than the other spouse is willing to give.

A Greenville family lawyer understands what factors the court will consider and can help families come up with a suitable agreement. They can also help ensure any agreement is fair to you.

During disputes over child support and alimony, questions can arise about how much each partner makes. Though most of the time, determining income is simple, it can be challenging if one spouse is self-employed or hiding assets. Hiring a family lawyer is the most appropriate solution to deal with such matters.

Looking for Reliable Help With Family Disputes?

Robert Clark and Nick B. Saccogna are Greenville family law lawyers proficient in dealing with family conflicts and bringing the most compassionate representation for their clients in family courts. Their vision involves helping children, families, and communities through the court system. Contact our firm now!

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