Common Myths About Adoption

About 135,000 children are adopted every year in the United States. Unfortunately, so many children are left in foster care, and often because of persistent myths about adoption. If you and your family are considering adoption, you should talk to a Greenville adoption lawyer. We can discuss your options and dispel these and other common myths:

“You have to be rich to adopt.” There is no financial requirement to adopt a child. What really matters is whether you will provide a caring, loving home for the child. It is true that adoptive parents need to be able to financially support their own children. But that is a far cry from being rich, and is an obligation of all parents.

“You have to own a home to adopt.” Like wealth, renting your home in no way determines your eligibility for adopting a child. Children need to have their own beds, but not necessarily their own room. A social worker in your case examines whether you can provide a safe, loving home – not necessarily a house.

“Adoption takes years to complete.” Some would-be parents believe that adoption can take two to four years, or longer, to finalize. While every adoption is different, most are completed in about a year. Talk to a Greenville adoption lawyer about your circumstances and how they can impact the length of the process.

“Birth mothers are all addicts, troubled, and in poverty.” Most people recognize that blanket statements like this can’t be true, but the stereotype of the troubled birth mother persists. There are children who come from difficult backgrounds, and they often need the most love. However, the average birth mother is not a bad person, and has not decided to adopt out their child lightly. A mother who places her child for adoption at least cares enough to do so rather than neglect her child.

“Open adoptions confuse the child.” An open adoption is one in which the birth parents may have contact with the child after the process finishes. This need not confuse the child. Open adoptions do not mean the birth and adoptive parents engage in co-parenting. The special relationship between the birth parent and the child will always be there. But it cannot replace the relationship between the child and the adoptive parents who raised him or her.

“International adoptions are easier than domestic ones.” International adoptions can actually be more time-consuming and expensive. Depending on your personal definition of difficulty, this may be more challenging than a domestic adoption. Again, every case is different, and a Greenville, SC adoption attorney can help you determine which path to choose.

“Adoptive parents aren’t the real parents.” Being a mother or father is a matter of biology. Being a parent is a matter of love and dedication. Adoptive parents are just as attentive and nurturing as a child’s biological parents, if not more. In many cases, this is because the adoptive parents tried for so long to have children. They worry about their adopted children just as much, and are just as proud of their accomplishments.

“Children who are adopted won’t fit in to the family.” Many parents worry an adopted child won’t fit in, or that they won’t love the child like a biological one. But as so many adoptive parents will testify, you can love an adopted child just as much. Bonds that are created through the parenting process are not restricted to biological children.


Adoption is a great way to share your love. Don’t let questions or doubts over the process discourage you from exploring this wonderful opportunity. At Greenville Family Law, we’re dedicated to building families and helping every child get the love they need. Give us a call today to ask about adoption.

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