Court Denies Bond to Couple Involved in Child Death in Rock Hill

A municipal court judge denied bond to a woman and her boyfriend charged with a child death in Rock Hill. The authorities charged the couple with homicide by child abuse or neglect on Wednesday morning, January 5th, after discovering the child’s body. The 4-year-old girl was stuffed in a dresser in a house on Gentle Breeze Lane.

The investigating detectives identified the defendants as 23-year-old Jackleen Mullen and 26-year-old Audrevious Williams. The child, India Martin, lived with special needs and physical disabilities. When the police questioned the mother about her whereabouts, she lied, saying she didn’t know. 

As the police investigated the child’s whereabouts, Mullen claimed she was with family in North Carolina. However, detective Keenan McCrory told the municipal court that the family in North Carolina denied being with the child when they contacted them. He added that the woman showed no emotion when confronted with the information. Instead, she insisted India was in North Carolina. 

The police obtained a search warrant for the couple’s home on Gentle Breeze Lane. During the search, they found the girl stuffed in a drawer. Reports showed Mullen faced charges in 2016 after giving birth prematurely and testing positive for cocaine. Court records show Mullen and Williams share a 1-year-old child, and they both have children from past relationships.

The judge ordered the defendants cannot see their children while the case is pending. The two remain in custody, and if convicted for the child death in Rock Hill, they face up to life in prison. 

Child abuse and neglect are severe offenses in South Carolina. Where one parent carries out the abuse, the other parent can request sole custody of the child, and usually, the law is on their side. 

Find out more about how abuse affects custody rights from our Greenville family law attorneys. 


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