How to Reduce Child Support Payments in Greenville, South Carolina

Divorce or even simple child support arrangements can drain your income and put you in a state where you are unable to cover your household bills. In addition, certain life circumstances can change your financial situation overnight. A layoff notice can mean you spend the next few weeks worrying about how you will pay child support in Greenville, South Carolina. If you find your financial situation is changing, you can take steps that can reduce child support payments that may have you in a bind.

Reaching out to a lawyer who can help you reduce child support in Greenville, South Carolina is your first step. When you reach out to Greenville Family Law, your attorney can help you find a legal way to modify your payments so you are not left with an empty wallet at the end of the month.

Understanding Your Current Child Support Order

Your child support order is the current legal document that the court has on file acknowledging what you pay in child support payments. There is some important information that it provides you with, including:

  • What you pay
  • Healthcare coverage for the children under the child support
  • Payment structure
  • How guidelines affect your payment structure

While this may have been a reasonable deal a few years ago, once your financial situation changes, a Greenville family law attorney can help you reduce child support by appealing to family court judges in South Carolina.

Child Support Payments in Greenville, South Carolina

Reduce Child Support Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina
When you need to convince the court to reduce child support payments, Greenville Family Law can help you present your case.

In Greenville, South Carolina, child support payments are typically calculated with a calculator available on the state’s website. If you think you’re not paying the correct amount, use the state’s child support calculator and consult with a lawyer to find answers to your questions about reducing child support. This way, you have the initial amount in mind from the state’s calculator and an experienced child support attorney who can review your information in much more detail.

Although the calculator only provides an estimate, it is a good place to start in understanding your current financial situation. How your income and expenses affect your child support payments is only one aspect that a child support reduction lawyer can help you understand. If you and the child’s other parent can’t reach a mutual agreement when it comes to modifying the amount of child support you will pay, then it is time to bring in your family law lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Modifying Child Support Payments in Greenville, South Carolina

Your best bet to accomplish a reduction is through filing a motion for child support modification. After you’ve reviewed the state’s estimation, you need to do the following:

  • File a motion
  • Outline why you’re requesting a modification to the original child support order
  • Attend the scheduled hearing
  • Provide proof of your current financial position

When you’ve accomplished the steps above, you will then wait for a response on whether there will be a reduction or not. But how do you file a motion?

Filing a Motion and the Hearing Process

The motion and hearing process for a reduction in child support payments are all done through the court. You will need to file the child support modification form with the court that filed your original child support order.

Complete the modification form by yourself or with your Greenville child support attorney. You can obtain this form from either the court clerk or you can draft one with your lawyer. This modification form is your request for the court to hear your motion. This document should clearly spell out the reason you need to reduce your child support payments. But, it should also include an affordable amount that you can pay.

After returning the modification form and filing a motion with the court clerk, they will schedule you a hearing date. During this hearing, you can submit evidence that your financial situation is changing or that you’re no longer able to pay the original court ordered amount.

  • Any of these can be used as evidence:
  • Proof of adoption or emancipation
  • Pay stubs
  • Notice of layoff or termination
  • Child’s medical bills

The child’s other parent is also given the opportunity to provide evidence at this time. Know that opening a motion will not guarantee a reduction in your child support payments. However, working with a Greenville lawyer who can help you reduce child support payments allows you to present your current financial situation transparently and increases your chances of a successful outcome.

Hire a Lawyer to Reduce Child Support Payments in Greenville, South Carolina

Reaching out to Greenville Family Law is your first step to a fair hearing and consideration for your child support payments. We service family law needs for individuals and families throughout Greenville, South Carolina. By completing our contact form or calling our office, an attorney will get in touch with you to schedule a consultation and gain a better understanding of your situation.

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