Which Parent is Responsible for Paying Child Support in South Carolina?

Regardless of the relationship status between you and the other parent of your child, paying child support is a legal requirement. As a parent, you are mandated by law to fulfill your child support liability on a regular basis. Nonetheless, not all parents in Greenville, South Carolina are able to provide sufficient financial support to their respective children.

If you have questions regarding child support liability and whether your co-parent should also be responsible, a family lawyer can provide you with the answers you need.

The Importance of Paying Child Support in Greenville, South Carolina

The act of paying child support goes beyond just fulfilling financial obligations. In fact, it can also help in fostering healthier child-to-parent relationships, regardless of the parents’ marital status or custodial setup.

By fulfilling child support liability, you are letting your child know that you are a responsible parent. This support will not only take care of the child’s material needs; it also helps in creating a healthier family life, despite non-ideal circumstances.

According to the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines, both parents should be responsible for paying child support. The amount has to be sufficient enough to cater to essential and regular expenditures, which include food within and away from home, clothing, housing or shelter, transportation, utility expenses, household items such as furniture and appliances, healthcare, and recreation.

Paying Child Support Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina
Having trouble paying child support? If your financial situation has changed, Greenville Family Law can help you seek a modification.

If you have not been able to fulfill your child support liability requirements for some time, the Department of Social Services in South Carolina offers programs that are meant to help you get back on track. It is also possible, through the submission of pertinent forms and subsequent investigations, to modify existing child support orders in Greenville, South Carolina.

Essential Child Support Liability Guidelines in Greenville, South Carolina

Under the South Carolina Child Support guidelines, both parents should be responsible for his or her share in child support liability. For a parent who doesn’t have custody of the child, paying child support is still a requirement. It is thus presumed that the support is owed to the parent in custody of the child and the child himself or herself. The court determines the amount that each parent should be paying, and this will be filed through a legal document known as a child support order.

The amount of child support one is expected to pay is based on the typical amount spent by parents in raising children in the United States. This can be adjusted further according to the cost of living determined in the state of South Carolina.

Parents who are paying child support should not base the amount they are liable for solely on the needs of the child. Instead, their child support liability should be proportionate to their income. The calculations presented by the South Carolina Child Support guidelines are based on a gross monthly income of $30,000 by both parents. However, in cases where the gross income of both parents does not reach $750 when combined, paying child support should be at an amount of no less than $100.  

What Happens If a Parent Becomes Unemployed in Greenville, South Carolina?

In the state of South Carolina, it is possible for the child support amount to be adjusted or deviated according to the changing circumstances of either parent. If there is a sudden life change such as unemployment or any instance of financial emergency, an update on the child support order may be made. The Department of Social Services can facilitate the modification of the child support order, through the parent who has not been able to continue paying child support. If both parents agree on the terms of the new child support order, modifications can be finalized at an administrative level.

Some cases, however, may necessitate court settlements especially if one parent feels the need to contest the modification proposed by another. When this happens to you, you will need the help of a family lawyer in order to fight for appropriate child support. It is important to review financial documents from your co-parent to determine whether any update should be done to the previously agreed-upon term on child support.

Speak with a Family Law Attorney for your Child Support Concerns in Greenville, South Carolina

If you have questions concerning the guidelines for paying child support in Greenville, South Carolina, consult with us at Greenville Family Law. We will examine the facts of your case and determine whether you need to take action in ensuring all child support payments are fair and work for your family.

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